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Digital Product Innovation

Expert facilitation of decision making for digital transformations


We help senior leaders responsible for digital product innovation resolve competing constraints with a process that unifies the team towards a common win-win objective. Activities include 1:1 advising and facilitated team workshops.


Our services can be deployed at any point along the lifecycle of software or hardware  products.  Deliverables typically include visual mappings and documents for a concrete, measurable goal defined at the start of each project.  Projects typically combine "as is" work to help fully understand the current situation and "to be" work to facilitate actionable solutions.


We thrive in challenging time-and-safety critical product domains such as agriculture, health, automotive and aerospace. Our customized services particularly help clients with products designed for 'real world' environments involving combinations of software and hardware.


Moonraker staff are digital technology leaders who have led software and hardware activities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Our Principals have both practical corporate experiences and foundational academic training from the world's leading tech companies and universities, ensuring we deliver quality and delight to your product decisions.




“remained business focused and delivered impactful results”

Head of User Experience


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