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Facilitators to support your tough decisions

Resolve a tough product team constraint in as little as a few days

Do you ever have difficulty getting to common agreement with colleagues on important work decisions impacting your organization's products?  Do you strive for more positive ways to solve conflicts?  Do you wish you could have more win-win outcomes?  Our approaches have been used by leading companies to achieve such decision making goals.

We offer practical, hands-on ways for you to make tough business decisions with confidence and delight.  A Moonraker Insights specialist will work with you and your stakeholders to clarify your primary project goal, then work with you to map out current constraints and a systematic solution to these constraints.  Our unique process involves three System Thinking tools:  disagreement mapping, "as is" mapping and "to be" mapping.  Each of these visual techniques can immediately deliver actionable insights at your organization. Together, our approach enables you to better understand the potential significance of process changes, providing you increased confidence and increased profitability.


We will also address best practices for both remote and in-person implementations of these visual techniques using online and physical whiteboards, respectively. These three tools combine the business management fundamentals of Deming and Goldratt with the facilitator's personal implementation experiences for organizations ranging in size from multinationals to startups. Projects are most typically requested by leaders of medium and large organizations with at least 50 staff who are struggling with a tough decision that can not be resolved with internal dialogue. A case study and typical project details are described below. 


Choosing Moonraker Insights as your partner to drive organizational improvements offers many benefits, including...



Ideate potential internal approaches to sensitive topics with a third party



Broaden decision-making to efficiently and effectively align root issues



Gain trusted neutral advice to inform tough decisions for both processes and outcomes


Moonraker Insights will guide you through three core activities to systematically map out what's constraining you, then visually map out a solution that's practical, manageable and easy to communicate with all your stakeholders. These are hands-on activities to solve one of your actual problems. A Moonraker Insights facilitator will support you at each step until you have successfully achieved your goal.

List competing pairs of options into "disagreement mappings", then describe unifying scenarios that would solve each conflicting constraint

Case Study

The following case study highlights a typical needs assessment using system thinking tools for a health tech company's software product division. This case study involves mapping how people within the company contributed to software product innovation within the division.



A 900 person health tech company had four vice presidents for sales regions spanning USA and Canada. The company had been successfully selling white-labeled software created by external engineering & design teams for several years. Stakeholders at the company decided to grow by developing their own new software that would be sold by their established sales network. After hiring a professional internal product engineering & design team, the company was experiencing significant problems with its internal tech team's performance. Activities were often delayed, morale was low and sales were below targets. A Moonraker Insights facilitator entered to help at this point.



First, the Moonraker Insights facilitator met separately with the product team and sales team stakeholders, then co-created disagreement mappings that contained the needs of the individual product & sales teams and the company as a whole. At this point, the facilitator observed, and the disagreement mappings illustrated, that the sales VPs and product leaders often had overlapping decision making expectations related to product development of the new internal products. The facilitator then met with each of the regional sales VPs to create regional, then company-wide mappings (an "as is" mapping) of their decision making related to internal product development. Finally, the facilitator worked with the sales VPs and product leadership to build a unified mapping (a "to be" mapping) of a solution to improve product-related decision making.



In consultation with the facilitator, the company's senior leadership decided to (i) create a new global product VP role and (ii) create roles and responsibilities documents for the existing sales VPs and new product VP positions. Within a few months, software sprint velocity increased by 18%, product team turnover reduced by 5% and sales increased by 55%. These disagreement mapping, "as is" mapping and "to be" mapping activities were accomplished with three one-day sessions with a Moonraker Insights facilitator and two days of additional advising over a period of four weeks.

Typical Project Details

Moonraker Insights will lead the creation of tangible, visual mapping documents of current and future activities. We will also work with you to integrate these insights into your existing business processes to make sure they are acted upon and implemented successfully. Contact us to discuss potential 1:1 and small team sessions that best match your needs.  



Visual mappings (disagreement, "as is" and "to be" mappings); 1:1 and small team sessions



Leaders responsible for strategic product decisions; typically medium-sized or large-sized corporations of 50 staff or more


Time & Budget

Complete small team sessions starting at 2 days and $6900; 1:1 sessions starting at $240

About the Principal Facilitator

colin 3.jpeg

Dr. Colin Swindells helps organizations successfully combine user-centered and technology-centered approaches to improve quality and satisfaction. Client projects include: product innovations for CAE surgical tools, BMW iDrive controls, Boeing aircraft parts, Microsoft Xbox video game controllers, Agilent / Dako cancer systems, Nike wearables, Google Nexus Asian character entry displays, and Yara agriculture supply chain systems. Colin has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia, a BASc in Engineering Science from Simon Fraser University, and a professional certification in System Thinking from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has 27 peer-reviewed publications, 11 patents, and has led projects on 4 continents. 



“remained business focused and delivered impactful results”

Head of User Experience


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